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Test Software Predicts Wi-Fi Device’s Battery Life

The Wi-Fi Power Consumption Benchmark Suite allows designers to evaluate the impact of Wi-Fi connectivity on their device’s battery life by measuring power consumption during various Wi-Fi usage modes. The software helps OEMs to optimize device design and power consumption algorithms. It runs on Azimuth’s W-Series test platform or on the company’s voice handset test solution, the VTB-VHS. It can also be delivered as part of a pre-packaged bundle specifically aimed at power consumption, the EDB-PCT.

Azimuth says the software suite is the first solution that can measure current and voltage in various Wi-Fi operational states, allowing users to predict average power consumption over the life of a typical battery. The tool permits engineers to create profiles to test different modes—including off, Wi-Fi disabled, idle (associated or unassociated), and active—as well as different device configurations and traffic characteristics. The test suite can measure power consumption over a fixed time period, the entire life of the battery, or as a device switches between modes or configurations.

The Power Consumption Benchmark Suite will be available in August 2006. The W-Series platforms are available now.

Check with the company for pricing.

Visit www.azimuthsystems.com

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