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Test System Measures 3GPP W-CDMA Components

The task of analyzing 3GPP W-CDMA components and base stations is said to have been made easier with the mating of the MG3681A signal generator and MS8608A transmitter tester into a complete test solution. The two instruments together provide a complete solution for the 3GPP W-CDMA standard and both are designed to comply with future phases of 3GPP development. The instruments have the capabilities necessary to support the bandwidth and chip rates of the 3GPP initial release and its future phases that will support bandwidths up to 20 MHz, it is claimed. The MG3681A signal generator features a 30-MHz internal and external I/Q modulation bandwidth and supports chip rates up to 16 MHz. With a 20-MHz analysis bandwidth, the MS8608A combines a transmitter tester, power meter, and spectrum analyzer in a single instrument.

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