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Test Tools Target Popular PCI Express

PCI Express developers now have a suite of test tools available from Agilent. The E2960 series handles PCI Express x1 through x8 channels, with the channels running at 2.5 Gbits/s. The tools include a Protocol Analyzer, a Protocol Exerciser, and a Protocol Test Card.

The Protocol Analyzer starts at $30,000. It supports Agilent's dynamic trigger condition technology for processing sophisticated PCI Express transactions. It's the first analyzer to handle x8 speeds.

By using Agilent's Command Application Programming Interface (CAPI), developers can configure the Protocol Exerciser to test PCI Express devices. CAPI is useful for compliance testing and debugging. The Protocol Exerciser starts at $38,000.

The Protocol Test Card supports PCI Express x1. It sits between a PCI Express card and connector, providing an interface to the Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser. The card is priced at $4950.


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