Electronic Design

Tool Analyzes 850-MHz Networks

For troubleshooting and analyzing 850-MHz cell networks, the MW8208A PIM Master exploits Anritsu’s patented Distance-to-PIM technology that allows users to accurately and quickly locate the source of passive intermodulation (PIM) whether it is in the base station antenna system or in the surrounding environment. It locates the distance and relative magnitude of all static PIM faults simultaneously and can also locate PIM outside the antenna system, supposedly the only test tool that can do so. It generates two high-power tones in the transmit band of a base station and can measure the third-, fifth-, and seventh-order intermodulation products in the receive band coming down the same cable. Via a GPS feature, users can record the location of the measurement. Another feature of the MW8208A is its 40W testing, which simulates real-world power that activates the PIM that might not otherwise be activated by 20W. Price for the MW8208A PIM Master is $26,500. ANRITSU CO., Richardson, TX. (800) 267-4878.

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