Toolset Takes A Measured Approach To High-Speed Serial Data Links

Toolset Takes A Measured Approach To High-Speed Serial Data Links

The Serial Data Link Analysis Visualiser (SDLA Visualiser) software package, geared for Tektronix oscilloscopes, gives engineers working with high-speed serial standards another weapon in their arsenals. The toolset specifies links, de-embeds components from the measurement path, simulates virtual components, applies equalisation, and takes measurements at multiple points on the transmission line in a serial data system, module, or chipset. The package also tackles physical-layer characterisation, debug, and compliance of high-speed buses, since it bridges the gap between modeling behaviour and signal-integrity performance. SDLA Visualiser offers four-port modeling and takes into account transmitter output impedance, scope, and receiver input impedance, as well as channel and fixture impedance. It accounts for reflections, insertion loss, and cross-coupling terms of each element in the link.  Users also can validate and debug S-parameters on individual link elements on demand, saving time and providing visibility at any test point in the link.


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