Electronic Design

Torque Measurement System Exploits Digital Telemetry Technology

The TMS 9250 torque measurement system employs non-contact digital telemetry technology to meet industry needs for wireless torque measurement, high accuracy and performance, flexible configurations, simple installation, setup and operation, and long-term reliability. The system offers more options for mounting, installing, sensing, controlling, actuating, collecting data, and reporting data. A non-contact digital telemetry design eliminates mechanical interference by measuring torque wirelessly, yielding more accurate data measurements with higher resolution. Multiple mechanical configurations are available including DIN, SAE, integral coupling, shaft-to-shaft, and custom mounting. Using quick-attach wiring connectors for fast installation, setup parameters are readily accessible through the software system, enabling adjustments to be made quickly and remotely if necessary. Of note, the software accommodates multiple calibrations on the same sensor. HONEYWELL SENSING AND CONTROL, Golden Valley, MN. (800) 537-6945.

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