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Tweezer Multimeter Includes Test Lead Adaptor

Tweezer Multimeter Includes Test Lead Adaptor

The RC200 Tweezer Multimeter permits tweezer-style testing of small, SMD components as well as standard electronic and electrical testing using easy-to-swap test leads. Unlike similar tweezer-style meters, the RC200 adds versatility with tweezer tips that can be removed and swapped with a test leads adaptor for voltage readings up to 600V. The instrument provides selectable auto and manual ranging used to measure ac/dc voltage, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and diode function in circuit. The RC200 includes test leads, SMD tweezers, protective cover, carrying case, and batteries. Price is $69.99. EXTECH INSTRUMENTS, Waltham, MA. (781) 890-7440.


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