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Unit Greatly Extends Working Range Of GPIB Bus

Complying with IEEE-488.2, the Model 4897 extends the GPIB bus beyond its 20m limit to a distance of greater than 5,000m, as well as exceeding the spec's limit of 14 devices. In addition,unit does not generate, as do older bus extenders, false replies to the 488.2 FindListener Protocol used by LabView, VEE and other programs to find instruments connected to the GPIB bus. The 4897 includes interfaces for both fiber-optic and metallic cables, with the new extender also working with dual twisted shielded pair cable, such as IBM Type I or Category 6 cable. Data can be transmitted in both normal and buffered transfer modes, with the normal mode simultaneously handshaking GPIB bytes on both buses at rates greater than 80 KB/s for short extension distances. The buffered mode transfers data to a FIFO memory in the remote extender at the full transmission line rate. Pricing starts at $995. ICS ELECTRONICS, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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