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Unit Raises Performance Benchmark Bars For ARBs

Touted as a significant breakthrough in high-speed waveform synthesis, the DBS2055 arbitrary waveform generator has been clocked at single-channel sampling rates of as high as 4.8 GSamples/s. And by employing proprietary calibration and compensation techniques, the new ARB is also said to shatter performance benchmarks for both conventional and benchtop and modular instruments of this type for key specs such as signal rise/fall times and ac and dc accuracy amplitude flatnessÑfor the DBS2055, the specs are less than 250 ps and ±0.5 dB from dc to over 2 GHz, respectively.The ARB also has an 8-bit resolution, 60 dB gain and 30 dB offset (12-bit resolution) dynamic range, and dual-channel synchronization with zero time skew and 3.0-psRMS jitter (typ.). The instrument also offers system network response compensation, waveform development and analysis software with direct instrument control, and various application-specific tools. Applications for the ARB include testing of magnetic storage systems, wired and wireless broadband networks, and radar. In a 4-slot VXI configuration, the DBS2055 costs about $50,000. For more details, call Jay Long at ANALOGIC CORP., Peabody, MA. (978) 977-3000, ext. 3881.


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