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Upgraded Tools Embed Test Functions In Nanometer Designs

The move to nanometer-scale designs brings trickier defect mechanisms and process-design interactions that raise performance and quality issues. A next-generation embedded test solution, LogicVision's LV2005, incorporates new test and diagnostic capabilities and usability features to help resolve those issues.

A powerful RTL-level automation flow moves the integration of embedded test to the front end of the design process. Test resource optimization capabilities eliminate the need for expert test knowledge. Also, the LV2005 is compatible with all third-party design flows, including integrated RTL-to-GDSII flows.

Enhancements include an embedded serializer/deserializer (SERDES) function for testing an unlimited number of high-speed SERDES channels operating at any frequency to subpicosecond accuracy. A burst-mode test timing architecture permits easy integration of the company's Embedded Logic Test technology into any design. Its ETAccess function provides real-time software for diagnosing and data-logging of silicon with embedded test as a library linked to the production test program.

The LV2005 is available under term-based licensing, so customers can use automation tools to deliver one or more embedded test capabilities to any design for a term of one year or longer. Also available is a per design license, under which the tools can be used for a specific design.

LogicVision Inc.

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