Electronic Design

USB-Based Test Pod Brings Test Capabilities To The PC

The USBee LX Digital Test Pod provides a variety of functions, including logic analyzer, signal generator, data logger frequency counter, and remote controller functions, all in one compact USB-based pod. The USBee LX Tool Builder software enables the creation of custom test tools using Visual Basic or C++. Unlike other PC-based digital test equipment, this test pod provides many different test and control capabilities, all depending on the software that's run on a Windows-based PC. The compact instrument brings testbench equipment straight to the digital designer's PC. The software for the USBee LX is available for free on the company's Web site. The software will run in demonstration mode with no USBee LX Pod attached to the PC. The USBee LX Digital Test Pod costs $595.

www.cwav.com; (909) 693-3065

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