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USB Scope Breaks Speed Records

Assuming position as the fastest USB oscilloscope available, the dual-channel PicoScope 5204 provides a bandwidth of 250 MHz, memory depth of 128 million samples, and a real-time sampling rate of 1 Gsamples/s. The scope connects via a USB port on any Windows-compatible laptop or desktop PC and offers an array of high-end oscilloscope features including advanced triggering and an equivalent-time sampling mode that can boost sampling rate to 20 GS/s. Other functions include a 250-MHz spectrum analyzer and a 12-bit, 125-Msample/s arbitrary waveform generator. Also included is the latest release of the company’s oscilloscope software, which features an easy-to-use Windows interface. Software features include a waveform buffer that automatically records the last 32 waveforms and a probe manager that supports custom probes and allows users to define probes including those requiring nonlinear corrections. Available now, price for the PicoScope 5204 is $3,299. PICO TECHNOLOGY LTD., Cambridgeshire, UK, +44 (0)1480 396395.


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