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USB Test Software Adds HID Functions

The latest release of Jungo Software Technologies' USBTester, version 1.1, introduces several features. It includes USB human interface device (HID) testing, support for composite devices, an improved device-selection tree, enhanced documentation, and a more intuitive graphical user interface. A new test module and a related test suite handle Communications Device Class (CDC) Abstract Control Model (ACM) tests. The new release also incorporates several fixes. For Mass Storage Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) case testing, write tests are now automatically skipped for write-protected devices. The release fixes a residue check problem in Mass Storage Case 5 testing and test implementation for Mass Storage Serial Number testing as well.

USBTester provides a framework for testing USB devices and includes several software modules. When running the test applications, Jungo’s proprietary USBware USB host stack for Windows—the USBTester stack—is automatically installed on the test platform, replacing the standard operating-system (OS) USB stack for the selected USB host controller card. When the test application is exited, the USBTester stack is uninstalled and the standard OS stack is restored. The Restore Windows USB stack option can be used to restore the native OS USB stack if the application terminates abnormally or the OS crashes. A graphical user-mode testing application—the test application—includes pre-defined test suites for verifying a USB device’s functionality. The application lets the user select which tests to run and which device to run them on.


Contact the company for price and availability information.


Visit www.jungo.com/usbtester.

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