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Verification App Automates Test Generation And Property Proving

Enlisting the Prover plug-in from Prover Technology, Simulink Design Verifier software is capable of automatically generating tests and proving design properties for Simulink and Stateflow models. Targeting developers of safety-critical and complex embedded systems, users can obtain test cases to satisfy industry-standard metrics such as modified condition/decision coverage while snooping out design errors earlier in the design process. The application can generate test inputs for standard coverage objectives plus user-defined test objectives and requirements. Inputs can combine with tests using acquired data so that simulations are testing against model coverage, requirements, and real-world scenarios. For property proving, users can directly capture design requirements and performance objectives as properties in their Simulink or Stateflow models. The verifier mathematically proves whether properties are satisfied and, if not, provides counterexamples that would violate the property. Available now for Windows and Linux platforms, list price for Simulink Design Verifier starts at $8,000. THE MATHWORKS, Natick, MA. (508) 647-7000.


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