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Versatile Probes Feature Unique Adjustable Tip

The D600 (7.5-GHz bandwidth), D300 (4-GHz bandwidth), and D200 (2.5-GHz bandwidth) WaveLink probes all incorporate a silicon-germanium (SiGe) front end. Their Adjustable TwinTip permits a maximum distance of 3 mm between the probe tips. At minimum, the probe tips can be adjusted until the spacing is zero. Bandwidth rating is typical for the probes as standalone devices. Each can be used for both single-ended and differential signal acquisition. These probes target the WaveMaster and WavePro series of digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs), disk drive analyzers (DDAs), and serial data analyzers (SDAs). A planned adapter lets them work with popular spectrum analyzers and network analyzers. The D600, D300, and D200 cost $6800, $5500, and $5000 each.

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