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VME to VXI Adapter Card Suits ATE Apps

The VCDS VME to VXI adapter card is a single-width, C-size VXI module that adapts most B-size VME modules for use in a VXI mainframe. The card is a functional replacement for the Colorado Data Systems Model CDS 73A-851. The adapter maintains the VMEbus environment, timing, and backplane by buffering the VME address bus, data bus, and control signals and routing them to the installed VME module. The card supports seven interrupt levels and eight TTL trigger lines as well as two ECL trigger lines. An extraction tool for ease of removal from the system chassis is included. The extraction tool's robust mechanical design allows it to endure repeated chassis insertions and extractions. The VCDS card is available now and pricing starts at $1,995. KINETICSYSTEMS COMPANY LLC, Lockport, IL. (514) 633-7007.


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