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WAN Emulator Evaluates IP Products

The Cloud version 2.0 is an accurate, easy-to-use software emulator that turns any LAN into a WAN enabling the user the evaluate any application, product or technology on any WAN configuration. It emulates the full-scale deployment of content applications or products in addition to providing real-time statistics for measuring vendor-promised Quality of Service. The new version features link faults emulation, congestion and dynamic routing effects. Users can generate an accurate emulation of their WAN, or create a worse case scenario in which a product can be tested against all of the Internet "tricks" such as sporadic fragmentation and packet re-ordering. Version 2.0 enables the user to import simple text files that are instantly converted into custom latency profiles and packet loss settings. In addition, 2.0 offers upgrades to its latency, packet loss and bandwidth emulation features: emulating jitter is now even simpler thanks to the addition of linear dynamic latency; granularity of degradation can be pre-set down to .01%, a hundred times finer than the previous version; and users can now add multi-byte overhead to packets in order to emulate different data link layers such as PPP (point-to-point protocol) and DSL. The Cloud 2 MB that supports bandwidth of up to 2 Mbps is priced at $3000 for single-user license.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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