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µ-Wave Analyzers Get Power Boost To +10 dBm

The 6800 Series microwave system analyzers, which include the 6820 and 6840 models, now come with an option (030) that provides a minimum of +10 dBm of leveled power up to 24 GHz, allowing the instruments to be used for local oscillator substitution in mixers and converters. The scalar and tuned-input modes are increased by 5 dB, yielding up to 90 dB for filter and passive component testing. Available in 3-, 8.4-, 20- and 24-GHz versions, the 6800 Series features offset tracking on network measurements, real-time transmission line fault-location detection with 0.1% accuracy, and EEPROM-corrected scalar detectors. The 6840 also offers a built-in spectrum analyzer. Prices for the 030 option range from $1620 to $4050, depending on the analyzer model.


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