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Waveform Viewer Software Works With All Real-time Scopes

With the M1 Waveform Viewer, any real-time scope user can exchange waveforms with any other user, improving their ability to collaborate effectively. The easy-to-use software tool for PCs enables users of any of the most popular real-time oscilloscopes (from Agilent, LeCroy, Tektronix, and Yokogawa) to save waveforms in a standard format. It permits users to view either live or saved waveforms (as many as you wish simultaneously) from any source that can provide the waveforms. Users can also compare waveforms taken on different scopes, analyze those waveforms, and report their finding at the touch of a button.

In addition to being a waveform viewer, the software features analysis, debug, acquisition, and comparison tools. Capabilities include automatic pulse-parameter measurements, multi-acquisition analysis, multi-acquisition statistics, Lock-X-axis, ScopeTrack, and Global Markers. Using the data source window, users can easily navigate among multiple waveforms from different sources being analyzed simultaneously. M1 Waveform Viewer shares a common user interface and code base with M1 Oscilloscope Tools, an oscilloscope software tool available for any real-time scope.


M1 Waveform Viewer is available for download at the company’s website.


The software is available at no cost for a limited time.


Visit www.Amherst-Systems.com/M1_WV.html.

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