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Web-Based Service Delivers The Scoop On PC-Based T&M Development

A "one-stop" Web site helps designers install, manage, and use test and measurement software and connectivity tools. The Agilent Developer Network (ADN) targets engineers who work in PC-based development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio .Net and who import data into Microsoft Office applications.

The free version of the site, ADN Basic, provides the latest instrument drivers, including IVI-COM drivers, as they become available, as well as I/O connectivity applications for Agilent test equipment. It features a wide range of information, such as white papers, application notes, and instrument and software programming manuals.

ADN Basic also provides updates and support for the T&M Programmers Toolkit, which Agilent introduced in April, and other Agilent software. The Toolkit is a software suite that extends Microsoft Visual Studio .Net to engineers creating test and measurement applications.

ADN Professional is a subscription service that adds access to the latest Windows-based test components and updates, and online and phone support for connecting test equipment to computers. It also hosts a virtual community where engineers can share application ideas and code examples. Beginning in July, subscribers will periodically receive CDs with Agilent Update Manager and information contained on the site. Update Manager reviews the software installed on computers and advises users on updates and new components.

ADN Basic is available for free by completing an online registration form at www.agilent.com/find/ADN. ADN Professional costs $495 per year, including access to the site, regularly shipped CDs, Agilent Update Manager, and phone and online support.

Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844.

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