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Wireless-Internet Applications Get Tested

To help wireless-Internet application engineers create, troubleshoot, and verify designs, Anritsu Co. is introducing a cdma2000 1xRTT wireless-Internet-protocol test solution. This solution verifies both software and hardware. The company promises that by using it, engineers can accelerate the development cycle. At the same time, they can ensure the performance of next-generation wireless data devices, appliances, and data-ready 1xRTT handsets.

Dubbed the MX880121A-02, the test solution is actually a software option to the 1xRTT version of Anritsu's MT8801C Radio Com-munication Analyzer. With the software installed, the MT8801C functions as a link layer for connecting 1xRTT wireless-Internet devices to an external application server or to the Internet via an external server.

The wireless-Internet-protocol test solution eliminates the need for 1xRTT "over-the-air" or base-station access. Another standout feature is its model emulation mode. In this mode, the MT8801C functions as a modem in Windows 2000 to establish a remote-access service/point-to-point protocol connection between a mobile station and an application server. Through the tester, the mobile station or wireless application under test can then communicate with an external application server.

The MX880121A-02 is a $5000 software option to the MT8801C Radio Communication Analyzer equipped with cdma2000 1xRTT hardware and software. The 1xRTT Wireless IP test system is available for under $45,000. The lead time is four weeks ARO.

Anritsu Co.
1155 East Collins Blvd., Richardson, TX 75081; (800) 267-4878, FAX: (972) 671-1877, www.us.anritsu.com.

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