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Wireless-LAN Analysis Software Covers All 802.11 Variations

The WCA11G Signal Analysis software package from Tektronix speeds up design and validation of 802.11a, b, and g wireless local-area networks (WLANs). It automates key measurements, interprets erratic or incomplete data, and delivers multidomain analysis tools for solving complex design problems. The software is available with the company's WCA330 and WCA380 wireless communications analyzers.

"The new WCA11G package allows engineers to analyze all of the 802.11 a, b, and g standards with a single tool, dramatically accelerating the measurement and analysis steps that enable tight design lab timelines," says Rick King, vice president of Tektronix's spectrum analyzer product line.

Data packets with incomplete framing can hamper work on early prototypes of user equipment and system elements in WLAN design labs. If the preamble is missing, most test instruments won't be able to synchronize with the data and carry out an error-free acquisition. The new software automatically identifies and sets up for the type of modulation embodied in the signal.

Engineers needn't spend time and effort to configure these modulation characteristics into the real-time spectrum analyzer in advance. The integrated hardware/software solution can work with packets where the frame structure is incomplete (or missing the preamble). It can interpolate the absent information and synchronize properly with flawed signals.

The WCA300/WCA11G pairing's tools make transmitter linearity measurements using the OFDM signal, simplifying a difficult measurement step into a procedure that yields accurate results quickly. The software package starts at $5000 with availability in six weeks.

Tektronix Inc.
(800) 426-2200

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