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Wireless Test Set Adds Multi-Protocol Enhancements

Tooling up for emerging wireless communications standards is made easier with enhanced versions of the CMU200 universal radio communication tester. The enhancements are in the form of options that accommodate such new standards as 2.5G and 3G, which integrate voice, video and data. Options K27 and K28 provide IS-136 test capability in the cellular and PCS bands, respectively, while option K29 adds AMPS test features to the system's existing GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) capability.
Future enhancements are scheduled to include cdmaONE, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, cdma2000, and Bluetooth. The CMU200 provides full coverage of frequency bands up to 2.7 GHz, consistent with emerging standards, such as Bluetooth, and reassigned bands, such as 450 MHz. The three available options are each priced at $4,300.

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