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WME Instrument Provides Radar Test And Simulation

The two-channel, VME-based DDG200-V digital-delay generator provides the timing signals necessary for testing tracking radar systems. It is said to be the first VME-based instrument of its kind to trigger the RF source, generator or synthesizer, and provide dynamically variable delay and pulse-width parameters. The instrument can sequence through a table of timing parameters, either automatically or when triggered, and provide dynamic timing control for multiple RF pulses. By simultaneously modulating the timing of multiple RF pulses and coordinating that with variations in the RF pulse amplitude and frequency, complex-targeting scenarios can be simulated. Each channel specifies 1 ns of delay resolution, a maximum trigger-to-output jitter of 2 ns, full-scale delay range of 4 ms, minimum pulse width of 50 ns, and rise and fall times of 5 ns. Additionally, the instrument supports a scenario table with a depth of 500,000 delay and width settings per channel and update frequencies to 1 MHz. INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY INC., Walnut, CA. (909) 595-6030.


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