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Rohde & Schwarz scope

5 Gsample/s Scope Delivers 10-bit Resolution

Rohde & Schwarz is delivering fully bundled scopes like the RTA4000 series.

Rohde & Schwarz has been delivering a range of scopes like the RTA4000 series (Fig. 1), which has a 10-bit resolution and runs up to 5 Gsamples/s. A 400 Msample segment acquisition memory is available as an option. Its signal integrity characteristics have a DC gain accuracy down to 1%. The scope is available in bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1 GHz. The mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) supports up to 16 digital channels. It has optional support for protocol analysis that can handle I2C, SPI, CAN, and LIN, as well as serial ports like RS-232 and RS-422.

The RTA4000

1. The RTA4000 has a 10.1-in. touch display. It has a 5 Gsample/s capture rate with a 10-bit resolution.

The RTA4000 can be configured with an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with a 4-bit pattern generator. It even has spectrum analysis capabilities like the RTA-K36 Bode plot frequency response analysis option.

Deciding what options to include when buying the RTA4000 can be a challenge, since they are numerous. Many options are field-upgradable, but Rohde & Schwarz has made these decisions a bit easier with a “This Changes Everything” promotion through 2019 that provides all the options for the RTA4000 for a cost that is almost half-price. The program actually addresses a number of devices including spectrum analyzers, power analyzers, and power supplies in addition to oscilloscopes (Fig. 2).

Rohde & Schwarz product line

2. Rohde & Schwarz is selling a number of devices fully loaded with all options for a fraction of the incremental cost of doing field upgrades.

The complete list of scopes includes the RTC1000, RTB2000, RTM3000, RTA4000, and RTH1000 Rider Scope. The spectrum analyzers include the FPC1000 and the FPC1500 with a frequency range up to 3 GHz. The power supplies include the HMP4040, the NGE100B, and the NGL200. The HMC8015 power analyzer is also part of the mix. It has a measurement range from 40 µW to 12 kW.

The bundle can be a bargain even if you need a few options currently.

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