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Accelerate Design-Ins, Verification Via Virtual Lab Series

Accelerate Design-Ins, Verification Via Virtual Lab Series

The HyperLynx Alliance virtual lab series, formed by Mentor Graphics and industry partners, will help reduce engineering time and costs associated with evaluation design tool requests and design case setup. Announced at DesignCon, the alliance leverages Mentor’s HyperLynx tool suite for high-speed design and verification—it’s deployed on cloud-based virtual labs to further accelerate time to productivity. Partner models and reference designs with the tool suite, which are used in the virtual lab series, demonstrate design methodologies for difficult high-speed printed-circuit board SerDes and double-data-rate design challenges. Beyond the complete HyperLynx design environment, the Alliance virtual labs (free to registered users) include IBIS-AMI and/or s-parameter electrical models, a reference-deisgn-based test case, and a step-by-step instruction guide. Partners in the Alliance include Altera, PMC-Sierra, Samtec, and eASIC. The Altera HyperLynx Alliance virtual labs are available now. Virtual Labs from PMC-Sierra, Samtec. and eASIC will be available in early 2015. Any virtual lab can be accessed via an HTML5-compliant browser.


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