Analog Radio Test Set Extends To 20-MHz Bandwidth

Analog Radio Test Set Extends To 20-MHz Bandwidth

Rohde & Schwarz’ CMA180 radio test set, designed for analog-radio production and maintenance, can generate any test signal up to 20-MHz bandwidth and process input power levels up to 150 W. Equipped with a touchscreen for easy operation, the CMA180 tests analog radios in the 100-kHz to 3-GHz frequency range. Users can generate any output signal with a bandwidth of up to 20 MHz.

The tester uses an integrated ARB generator for software-implemented test-signal generation. Additional signals can be generated with just a few mouse clicks, such as interfering signals for co-channel rejection measurements. An integrated sequencer configures and runs automatic test sequences.

For high-precision power measurements, the company offers optional extremely linear power sensors that are also usable with the CMA180.  


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