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Backplane Integrates PCI Express Into PXI Architecture

Backplane Integrates PCI Express Into PXI Architecture

Designed for OEM embedded control and test-and-measurement applications, Elma Bustronic’s 3U 17-slot backplane unites PCI Express (PCIe) with the PXI architecture. It meets the PXI Express Hardware Specification Revision 1.0 (with X1 PCIe connections). PXI Express, based on PCIe, offers high-bandwidth PCIe connection to modules, enabling up to 2.5 Gbytes/s per direction to PXI Express and CompactPCI Express modules. The backplane features one system controller slot, one timing controller slot, and 15 peripheral slots. Specific applications include GPIB-based modular instrumentation, signal generation and analysis, high-channel-count measurement, and data acquisition and control.


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