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Mixed-Signal Scope Builds In Upgraded Memory Capabilities

Mixed-Signal Scope Builds In Upgraded Memory Capabilities

Yokogawa's DLM2000 mixed-signal oscilloscope increases acquisition memory up to 62.5 Mpoints for its standard unit and up to 250 Mpoints with the extended memory option. Thus, with the maximum memory installed (/M3 option), it can capture a 10-kHz signal lasting for more than one hour in single-shot mode. The same memory can capture a 200-ms signal at a 1.25-Gsample/s rate.

In addition, built-in flash memory capacity was increased from 0.1 to 0.33 Gbytes. The new extended memory option has a capacity of 7.2 Gbytes.

Enhancements to the history memory function include an increase in the maximum number of history waveforms from 20,000 to 50,000. The zone search function, which now offers an intuitive search capability that covers the whole of the history waveform, is 20 times faster than the original version. Together with a maximum continuous acquisition rate of 20,000 waveforms/s, which increases to approximately 450,000 in N single mode, the DLM2000’s history memory enables capture of abnormal signals without needing to know what makes them different.


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