Electronic Design

3G/4G/LTE DFE Processors Deliver Ultra-Wide Bandwidth

With claims of the industry’s widest bandwidth, the OP6100 family of digital front-end (DFE) processors provide 65 MHz of occupied bandwidth, 145 MHz of total bandwidth, and 325 MHz of pre-distortion bandwidth. Tailored for next-gen 3G and 4G/LTE base stations, remote radio heads, and distributed antenna systems, the bandwidth breakthrough translates to a bandwidth increase exceeding 220% over comparable devices.  Additionally, the family supports multiple standards and multiple signals in the same bandwidth plus full support over non-contiguous bands. Other features include the company’s Intelligent Self-Adaptive DFE technology that enables basestations to calibrate in real-time to real-world circumstances. It also makes the processors agnostic to power amp architectures and supports a wide range of Doherty, asymmetric Doherty, and envelope-tracking power amps in LDMOS, GaN, and GaAs topologies. NETLOGIC MICROSYSTEMS INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 454-3000.

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