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Atheros Dual-Band Chips Delight KT

KT (formerly Korea Telecom), the largest telecommunication services provider in Korea and one of the largest in the world, has selected Atheros 802.11a/g technology for its 5GHz/2.4GHz dual-band WLAN products, which will be branded with the Atheros Super AG logo. The Atheros AR5002AP-2X, AR5004X and AR5005UX 802.11a/g WLAN chipsets have been integrated into KT’s dual-band wireless access points, PC cards, and USB adapters, respectively, and are being deployed in enterprise, school and hot spot environments. The AR5004X appeared in the October, 2003 issue of EE Product News.

The KT products feature Atheros Super AG technology, which employs innovative performance-enhancement techniques—including dynamic turbo with adaptive radio technology, packet bursting, fast frames, and data compression—that dramatically increase the throughput and range of wireless networking products. The technology supports link rates up to 108 Mb/s and enables user throughput of more than 60 Mb/s.

“Korea is an advanced market that offers some of the highest bandwidth services in the world. We are very pleased to be partnering with KT to bring the next generation of advanced WLAN solutions to the Korean market,” said Craig Barratt, president and chief executive officer of Atheros Communications.

While Atheros' 802.11a/g technology is backward compatible with 802.11b devices, in an enterprise or hot spot environment in Korea the dual-band 802.11a/g products can accommodate seven times more people simultaneously than 802.11b/g products. Additionally, the Atheros chipset series features an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) engine built into the hardware, allowing real-time support for full 802.11i security without any performance degradation. Atheros also supports the 802.11e Quality of Service (QoS) specifications, providing advanced features for delivering wired-quality video and audio content via a wireless connection.


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