Digital Scopes Offer 45GHz Bandwidth, 120GS/s Sample Rate

The new series of WaveMaster 8Zi-A digital oscilloscopes, developed by LeCroy Corp., provides up to 45GHz of bandwidth and 120Gsamples/s (GS/s), combined with 768Mpoints of analysis memory. On all models, acquisition capability can be doubled with the use of the Zi-8CH-SYNCH Oscilloscope Synchronization Kit, with all acquired channels displayed on a single display grid.

According to the company, the introduction of a model with 20GHz of true analog bandwidth on four channels offers the highest performance and signal fidelity available on four measurement channels.

The standard sample rate is 120GS/s for 45GHz bandwidth, 80GS/s for 25GHz to 30GHz bandwidths, and 40GS/s on all four channels at 20GHz bandwidth. For 4GHz to 20GHz bandwidths, the standard sample rate is 40GS/s on all four channels, with an option to increase the sampling rate to 80 GS/s on two channels. All memory is available at full record lengths for analysis processing; 20Mpoints/channel is provided standard, with memory options up to 256Mpoints/channel available. In 120GS/s and 80GS/s modes, memory can be interleaved to 768 and 512 Mpoints/channel.

The 8Zi-A models use second-generation silicon-germanium (SiGe) components. LeCroy designed the series as a single hardware platform, supporting all nine models spanning from 4GHz to 45GHz of bandwidth. This means engineers can stay current with emerging high-speed technologies and serial data standards by purchasing only the bandwidth needed for current designs, and upgrade to additional bandwidth as needs change. Customers who purchased an 8Zi model can upgrade to 8Zi-A performance and bandwidth.

The WaveMaster 820Zi-A provides four channels at 20GHz. With the SiGe chipset, there’s enough bandwidth out to 20GHz without the need for the bandwidth “boosting.” Its total jitter noise floor is less than 190fs rms.

The 845Zi-A uses second-generation, SiGe track-and-hold and analog-to-digital (ADC) components. With its bandwidth, the oscilloscope is targeted particularly at the optical market for high-speed, next generation long-haul optical network development. In addition to the 45GHz capability, it can also operate in a 30GHz/2channel or a 20GHz/4channel mode. This builds in the flexibility to use multiple channels at 30GHz or 20GHz for timing validation while employing fewer channels for high-bandwidth signal-fidelity measurements.

The 20GHz, four-channel rating of the 845Zi-A claims 25% more bandwidth when compared to 30GHz competitive offerings featuring four-channel bandwidth at 16GHz. The jitter noise floor at 45GHz is 125fs rms.

Maximum sample rate in single-channel mode is 120GS/s (45 GHz), with 80GS/s and 40GS/s operation in two-channel (30GHz) and four-channel (20GHz) modes, respectively.  Likewise, maximum analysis memory available is 768, 512, or 256Mpoints/channel in 45, 30, and 20GHz modes, respectively.

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