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Dual Switches Support DisplayPort And HDMI

Beep-AEindhoven, Netherlands: Multichannel-capable DisplayPort and HDMI switches developed by NXP feature the company’s analogue pass-gate technology. The CBTL06DP213, a bidirectional switch for DisplayPort 1.2 applications, features high bandwidth over 11 GHz. The CBTL06GP212 switch, according to NXP, is the first to enable simultaneous support for both DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4.

The CBTL06DP213, the company’s third-generation DisplayPort multiplexer, delivers strong signal integrity with low return loss. By minimising signal degradation, it also minimises the number of active components required in connectors and cables that join PCs, notebooks, and tablets with external monitors, docking stations, and other peripherals. The switch supports DP 1.2, DP 1.1a, and eDP (embedded DisplayPort) operating at 5.4, 2.7, or 1.62Gbps.

The CBTL06GP212 six-channel switch targets DisplayPort, HDMI, and PCI Express applications at Gen2 speeds—5.0 Gbps for PCI Express, 5.4Gbps for DisplayPort, and 3.4Gbps for HDMI. It features a wide common-mode voltage range (3.6V) and low insertion loss, while enabling simultaneous DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI support for compact combo connector designs. The device also provides four differential channels capable of 1:2 switching; 2:1 multiplexing of bidirectional, ac-coupled PCI Express or DisplayPort signals; or 2:1 multiplexing of dc-coupled TMDS signals.



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