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Get Your Wireless Embedded Kits Here

Kits and modules can give you a jump on the competition especially when you can get them ready to go from Digi. Their Digi JumpStart Kits can handle Linux, Windows CE Embedded 6.0 and NET+OS. NET+OS is now supported by the Eclipse-based Digi ESP integrated development environment (IDE).

These network platforms use the Digi Connect and ConnectCore modules. The Digi Connect ME (Fig. 1) is one example that provides wired connectivity. The same form factor works for wireless as well. Kits start at $399. They include a USB debugger as well as the ESP IDE. Everything is ready to go out of the box.

Digi has been on a buying spree the past few years and some of their compatriots were at ESC as well. Rabbit Semiconductor was showing off their Wireless Control Application Kit (Fig. 2). This is based on a pair of 900MHz or 2.4GHz wireless modules from MaxStream. The systems also highlight Rabbit’s low-EMI Rabbit 3000 found on the kit’s LP3500 board.

The LP3500 draws less than 100

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