Electronic Design

GPS RFIC Thwarts L-band LTE Interference

The TRFS15011 logs in as the industry’s first integrated dual channel (L1 & L2) GPS RFIC that substantially mitigates interference from LightSquared and 4G L-band LTE signals and other high-level jamming environments. The device integrates two independent receive paths with 12 bit a/d converters, providing complete conversion of GPS signals from RF to digital data. It also packs fractional-N RF synthesizers with a VCO. The receive paths are configurable for high linearity operation by setting the ADC resolution to 12 bits or for low power operation by setting it to three bits. RFIC configuration is digitally controlled through a bi-directional SPI. TAHOE RF SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Auburn, CA. (530) 823-9786.

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