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GTLP Device With TI-OPC Circuitry Produces Better Signal Integrity

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The GTLPH306 8-bit LVTTL-to-GTLP bus transceiver integrates both OEC and TI-OPC to allow designers to achieve better signal integrity. TI-OPC circuitry actively limits the overshoot caused by improperly terminated backplanes, unevenly distributed cards, or empty slots. Active bus-hold circuitry on this device holds unused or undriven LVTTL data inputs at a valid logic state. The transceiver supports bidirectional interface between GTLP signal levels and LVTTL logic levels. The device offers hot insertion capabilities by incorporating Ioff and power up 3-state circuitry. This capability allows the user to insert/remove daughter cards without concern of disturbing signals on adjacent backplane slots. The SN74GTLPH306 is priced at $4.68/2,000 in a variety of package offerings. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Dallas, TX. (800) 336-5236.

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