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Low-Cost SOC Seeks Digital Set-Top Box Assignments

Targeting the digital set-top box market, the ST40-STB1 device is the first member of the ST40 family of system-on-chip (SOC) products that incorporates the SuperH SH-4, 32-bit RISC CPU Core. Developed to work with a variety of companion chips such as the company's STi5512, the device is said to be a cost-effective solution for interactive applications. The ST40-STB1 integrates a 66 MHz PCI interface, dedicated memory interface, a peripheral bus, two UARTS, parallel I/O, timers, DMA, and clocks. It is available in a 372-pin BGA package with speed options of 150, 166 and 200MHz delivering 360 MIPS and 1.4GFLOPS. Software support includes WindRiver Systems' Tornado tools and VxWorks kernel, Windows CE, and Linux.

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