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New GTL Family Revs Up Speed Of Telecomm Backplanes

The pace at which data travels through backplanes employed in telecomm and datacomm systems has been given a major boost by a new family of logic. Called Gunning Transceiver Logic-Plus (GTLP), the new devices are said to enable designers to increase backplane data throughput by anywhere from 100% to 300% over ABT, FCT, ALVT, FutureBus+, and other traditional logic families.
Specifically designed for parallel, multi-slot, medium- and heavily-loaded backplanes, the CMOS GTL-Plus devices also boast of: full support of live insertion with Ioff, Power-Up 3-State and BIAS Vcc circuitry; dissipation of one-third less power than traditional BiCMOS logic devices; and backward-compatibility with logic currently used in parallel backplanes.
The speedy GTLPs operate at 3.3V and are voltage-tolerant up to 5V so they can be used as translators between TTL or LVTTL and GTLP environments.
And they are available in a variety of different packages-- i.e., SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TVSOP and LFBFA (low-profile, fine-pitch BGA)-- with a 48-pin, medium drive (50 mA), 16-bit bus transceiver (part number SN74GTLPH1645) costing $5 each/1000; the part will be available in April.

Company: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. - Semiconductor Group, Literature Response Center

Product URL: Click here for more information

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