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PowerPC/VME Board Combo Takes On Vector Processing

The V4G4b Computing Node, a Quad PowerPC VME board, uses Motorola's PowerPC 7410 chip with an AltiVec vector processing unit. This combination expands the capabilities of the PowerPC microprocessors to include leading-edge vector processing, high-bandwidth data processing, and algorithmic-intensive computing. Target applications include sonar, radar, medical imaging, and machine vision systems. Up to 512 Mbytes of shared memory facilitates the use of commercial off-the-shelf components. It also reduces system latency and speeds access to data in real time. The V4G4b provides multi-CPU support, including two PCI/PMC slots with an IBM CPC710 crossbar. With external I/O support, the board integrates 64 kbytes of L1 cache and 2 Mbytes of L2 cache per processor. The board is available in conduction- and convection-cooled versions. Pricing starts at $15,738.

Thales Computers
www.thalescomputers.com; (800) 848-2330

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