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Radio Transceiver Aims At Wireless LAN Applications

A radio chipset consisting of the ML2712 2.4GHz Radio Frequency (RF) Transceiver and the ML2713 Radio Intermediate Frequency (IF) Transceiver, provide a complete radio transceiver for wireless LANs and other digital wireless communications products; it is also said to require a minimum of external components. The set is designed to use frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmissions in the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Medical, and Scientific (ISM) frequency band. Aimed primarily at manufacturers of IEEE802.11 WLAN network interface cards for use in personal computers, hand-held devices, peripherals, and access point boxes networked together in home, industrial, or SOHO environments, the radio chipset can also be used in WLANs compliant with the emerging HomeRF specification for high data rate, wireless networks in the home. The ML2731, an optional third device in the chipset, provides the control necessary to maintain constant power output levels from the power amplifier over the full operating temperature range in WLAN applications. The ML2712 and ML2713 are both available in a 48-pin TQFP package. The ML2712EH is priced at $6.05 and the ML2713EH is $3.80 each/10,000. The ML2731ET is available in a 16-pin TSSOP package and is priced at $2.75 each/10,000.

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