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Small, Low-Power PCIe Packet Switches Are Cost-Effective

The GreenPacket PCI Express (PCIe) packet-switch product family from Pericom Semiconductor Corp. is designed to allow OEMs to cost-effectively upgrade existing motherboard and related platforms, as well as accelerate new PCIe-based I/O designs for power, size, and value-sensitive systems. Typical applications include volume motherboards/workstations, docking stations, networking control planes, video, graphics, and embedded systems. The family consists of three different port- and lane-count configurations: the four-port, four-lane P17C9X20404GP; the five-port, five-lane P17C9X20505GP; and the five-port, eight-lane P17C9X20508GP.

The packet switches are specifically designed for low power consumption, small package size, and optimized PCB layout. They fully meet the requirements of the latest PCI-SIG PCIe 1.1 and PCI 1.2 specifications. Unique features include special low-power and power-down modes, RoHS-compliant packages, and small footprints. In fact, at 12 by 12 mm, the P17C9X20404GP is the industry’s smallest packet switch, according to the company.


The P17C9X20505GP, P17C9X20508GP, and P17C9X20404GP are available now.


Contact the company for pricing information.


Visit www.pericom.com.

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