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Street-Ready Smart Phone Enhances First Responder Communications

Motorola’s LEX 700 is the first mission-critical cell phone designed just for police and other first responders. Typically, public safety personnel rely upon two-way radios and their own cell phones for communications. The LEX 700 offers all the functionality of a smart phone plus a two-way radio as well as a data terminal that previously was only available inside a vehicle (see the figure). Now, emergency personnel can perform multiple communications functions with one handheld device.

The Motorola Solutions LEX 700 is an all-in-one communications device for public safety personnel. It is an LTE 4G smart phone, a P25 two-way PTT radio, and a data terminal. The unique user interface on the touchscreen lets officers access commonly used functions with a single tap.

The LEX 700 is a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) smart phone designed to operate on Verizon’s 4G LTE network Band 13. It complies with the 3GPP LTE Release 8 specification but is upgradable to Release 9. In addition, it operates on Band 14 allocated to the Public Safety network to be built in the D block of the 700-MHz spectrum. This provides for fast multimedia data access.

Standard 3G cdma2000 EV-DO Rev. A and CDMA 2.5G and 2G cellular provide voice communications. The LEX 700 also can tap into a P25 land mobile radio network, Motorola’s ASTRO 25, via an LTE-P25 gateway. A push-to-talk (PTT) button ensures familiar two-way radio operation functionality.

Other connectivity options include full Wi-Fi with 802.11a/b/g/n operability. Bluetooth is also available for short-range audio applications like a headset or secure pairing operations with other devices. The handset has a full GPS radio with Assisted GPS and an e-compass as well.

The hardware is impressive. The LEX 700 uses a 4-in. capacitive touchscreen in the 800-by-400 WVGA format. The processor is a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 1-GHz dual-core ARM plus graphics accelerator. Memory is 1-Gbyte RAM with 8-Gbyte eMMC expandable to 32 Gbytes with a microSD card. I/O ports include a USB 2.0 with micro-B interface, a 3.5-mm audio jack, and a special rugged charging port.

The built-in camera has 8 Mpixels with auto focus, digital zoom, and high-output LED flash. The camera also can shoot video in Windows Media Video format as well as D1 and 720-by-480 resolution at 30 fps.

As for software, the operating system is Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3. There’s a planned upgrade to Android Open Source 4.0. The Web browsers are Opera Mobile 10 and Internet Explorer Mobile 6. The handheld also performs all the standard e-mail and texting operations. Motorola Solutions provides for over the air upgrades and programming. The unique user interface provides instant access to the most important functions an officer needs to use.

The “street ready” LEX 700 and provides all the communications that officers need today—voice cellular, two-way radio, Web access, and multimedia links. For example, an officer can instantly verify a suspect’s identity, write a ticket, file an incident response, and book the suspect at the scene. Officers can also collaborate and verify tactical operations in real time with video, tracking, dynamic mapping, and routing. The handheld can deliver data, photos, video, and voice quickly and securely as well.

Motorola Solutions

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