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Switch Filter Modules Provide Five Linear 3G/4G Paths

Switch Filter Modules Provide Five Linear 3G/4G Paths

The RF1293 and RF1293A switch filter modules target multi-mode GSM, EDGE, LTE, and UMTS handset applications. They integrate low-pass filtering on the GSM transmit paths, avoiding the need for external harmonic attenuation. They also integrate GSM receive bandpass filters and are compatible with +1.8V control logic. Packaged in 3.2 mm x 3.5 mm, 21-pin modules packages, they feature five linear paths, DCS and PCS Rx SAW filters with single balanced output, Rx SAW (RF1293: 900MHz GSM, RF1293A: 850MHz GSM), spec-compliant down to a1.3V control voltage, and greater than 2-kV HBM protection on all non-Rx ports. Pricing begins at $3.80 each/100. RF MICRO DEVICES INC., Greensboro, NC. (336) 664-1233.

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