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Technology Forecast 2012: Communications

Technology editor Lou Frenzel speculates on cellular and mobile technology particularly the continuing roll out of 4G/LTE systems and products. In wired communications, Lou covers trends in Carrier Ethernet and the status of the 40/100 Gb/s development progress with OTN.


Wireless Innovations Propel The Mobile Market

LTE, Wi-Fi, and low power wireless developments lead the way to new products and services in 2012 and beyond...

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Wired Communications Continue To Carry The Primary Network Load

Advances in OTN, fiber optical devices, Ethernet, and power line communicaitons improve the wired infrastructure...

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Wireless Sensor Networks Will Drive “The Internet Of Things”

Connecting anything that can be monitored or controlled to the Internet is called the "Internet of Things," and wireless is the preferred link...

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Today’s Consumer Trends Reveal Tomorrow’s Mobile OS Winners

The 2012 mobile marketplace is already looking like a noisy, crowded confluence of stakeholders. It’s hard to understand where to look and what’s important...

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Cost Of Wireless Test Must Fall To Protect Margins

The wireless test arena has an urgency to reduce the cost of test, a trend driven by the state of the economy and the ferociously competitive consumer electronics market...

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PODCAST: Skills Gap May Hamper the Future of Connected Devices

Imagination Technologies' VP-Marketing Tony King-Smith provides an overview on how the company sees graphics progressing in the marketplace in 2012 and beyond...

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