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Test Suite Cuts LTE Small-Cell Verification Time

74524_ADuisburg, Germany: The mi!SmallCellVeriPHY test suite verifies 4G LTE small-cell PHY functionality during the product development process. The suite, developed by mimoOn, enables re-validation of the lower software layers after modifications to the hardware platform and in the upper protocol stack. In addition, product engineers no longer need to create such validation tools on the fly, saving product development time.

The test suite complements mimoOn’s small-cell LTE PHY, protocol stack, and advanced scheduling software solutions. Central to the package is a MAC emulator, which provides the necessary functionality to translate and inject test vector data into the PHY layer. The MAC emulator can be adapted to interface with any Small Cell Forum-compliant MAC-PHY interface.

License packages include uplink and downlink functional testing, uplink and downlink RF conformance testing or PHY-layer conformance tests, or custom test vectors.

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