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WiMax SoC Breaks Femtocell Cost Barriers

Emerging as the market’s first and only single-chip femtocell SoC, the DAN2200 allows equipment vendors to significantly trim their budgets by breaking what is reportedly a unit price barrier of $100. Certified for IEEE 802.16e Wave 2, the device delivers non-blocking WiMax performance to as many as 25 simultaneous subscribers. It employs the company’s open 4G SoC platform with a software-centric multi-core architecture that enables features and patented capabilities including plug-and-play installation, numerous embedded synchronization options, and fully automated installation and operation of WiMax femtocell clusters. For further information and pricing, call DesignArt Networks LTD, Israel, +972 9 7421306 or [email protected]


Product URL: Click here for more information

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