Electronic Design

Wireless Audio Gets Simpler

Avnera Corporation’s AudioMagic and Voicemagic chipsets (Fig. 1) makes wireless speaker, headphone and headset design simple and reliable. Avnera claims its 16KHz sampling rate, plug-and-play design can be delivered at a 30 percent lower total system cost. It operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum. It dynamically selects one of 40 frequencies. Avnera’s wireless solution is designed for streaming audio versus a general wireless interface. Forward error correction allows dropped packets to be reconstructed instead of being reset. The system also employs psycho-acoustic techniques and time dispersion to spread out errors in time when correction occurs, hiding bursty interference. The chips support two separate antenna systems, utilizing the one that is sending/receiving the best signal. It also dynamically adjusts RF transmission power as the distance between systems varies. Parts count can be significantly reduced. A system requires just 2 chips and 65 passive parts. A range of third party products are also being released based on the chipsets. These include wireless headphones, cordless phones and speakers. Related Links Avnera

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