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Electronic Design

ZTE Picks Mindspeed LoC For Wireless Platforms

Telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider ZTE Corporation will use Mindspeed's two-port DS3/E3 line card-on-a-chip (LoC) in its Core Network (CN) and Radio Network Controller (RNC) of W-CDMA 3G wireless backhaul platforms. The M29312 LoC integrates two independent DS3/E3 line interface units (LIUs) with framers, ATM/HDLC processors, and telecom application package (TAP) driver software. It is is an ultra low-power, two-port highly-integrated DS3/E3 LoC optimized for low-port density and power-sensitive datacom applications like wireless backhaul, routers, and digital loop carrier equipment. The CN and RNC platforms are key elements of ZTE's comprehensive 3G mobile communication solution. "Mindspeed's two-port LoC is a flexible, cost-effective solution that enabled us to develop similar designs for both our CN and RNC systems," Fan Ronghu, HW director at ZTE, said in a statement. "Mindspeed is proud to be part of ZTE's worldwide 3G deployment with our highly integrated LoC family," Rammy Bahalul, director of marketing for Mindspeed, said in a statement. "Our best in class ATM and IP products continue to play a major role in the 3G and 4G wireless backhaul deployment."

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