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14-Bit, 800-kword/s I/O Boards Boast On-Board Intelligence

Two PCI DAP boards optimized for 32-bit real-time processing, local or remote, acquire data with 14-bit resolution. Dubbed the DAP 4000a, these models have on-board intelligence implemented as the DAPL 2000—a 32-bit multitasking real-time operating system that runs on an on-board processor. The DAP 4000a/112's resources include 16 analog inputs, two analog outputs, 16 digital inputs, and 16 digital outputs. The DAP 4000a/212 also has all of these features, along with a high channel-count option for input expansion. Additionally, the -212 can handle 512 analog and 128 digital inputs.

Rack-mountable option cards expand on-board digital outputs on both models. They also have 8 Mbytes of on-board memory for data buffers and use DMA bus-mastering to transfer data to the PC. On-board intelligence manages this, protecting applications from random operating-system and network delays. The analog input channels sample at 800 ksamples/s, while the 16 digital input channels sample at 800 kwords/s. The boards provide 14-bit A/D resolution for their 16 analog inputs, and 12-bit D/A resolution for their two analog outputs. These analog output channels each can run at 400,000 updates/s.

Both models, which include DPL 2000, are available now. The -112 costs $1995, and the -212 costs $2395.

Microstar Laboratories, 2265 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004; (425) 453-2345; fax (425) 453-3199;

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