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3.3-V HD Video Amplifiers Save Power In STBs And Portable Equipment

Unlike competitive solutions that operate from a 5-V supply, the MAX9652, MAX9653, and MAX9654 triple-channel, high-definition video-filter amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products operate from a single 3.3-V supply. To further save power, they consume 9.5 mA of quiescent current per channel. The MAX9653 and MAX9654 also offer a 12-µA shutdown mode. Applications include set-top boxes (STBs), A/V receivers, and portable equipment with HD outputs.

Specifically designed for YPbPr component-video signals, the MAX9652 and MAX9653 have a fixed passband for HD video, while the MAX9654’s passband is logic-selectable between SD and HD. The HD lowpass filter on all three devices has a ±1-dB passband out to 42 MHz and 50-dB attenuation at 109 MHz. The MAX9654’s SD lowpass filter has —1-dB passband out to 8.5 MHz and 57-dB attenuation at 27 MHz.

The MAX9652 is available in an eight-pin small-outline (SO) package, while the MAX9653 and MAX9654 come in 10-pin microMAX packages. Each device is specified over the automotive temperature range of –40°C to 125°C. Prices start at $0.48 for the MAX9652, $0.50 for the MAX9653, and $0.60 for the MAX9654 in quantities of 1000 and up.

Maxim Integrated Products

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